The Center for Biological Research Collections (CBRC) is a consortium of research-based scientific collections at Indiana University. The CBRC is funded by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Office for the Vice Provost for Research, the Department of Biology, the Department of Anthropology, and the Department of Geological Sciences.


The CBRC enhances collection-based research and education in biodiversity, zooarchaeology, paleontology, and related disciplines by providing shared infrastructural and data management support for IU’s biological research collections.  The Center focuses on collections of biological specimens, including fossils and archaeological remains, that have shared taxonomic, geographic, and temporal metadata requirements.  The Center coordinates policy, develops digital infrastructure, provides shared resources, facilitates educational outreach, and serves as a collaborative research platform for IU’s biological and paleontological specimen collections.  It develops external funding streams for upkeep and development of collection infrastructure, and it helps support data management and digitization for research grants that use IU’s collections.  The Center interfaces with partners to develop the specific digital infrastructure needed for biological collections and collaborates with other collections to develop shared infrastructure and best practices. 

Imago Digital Specimen Repository

The Imago repository provides access to digital objects created from specimens in the CBRC member collections. The system was built through collaboration with the IU Libraries and CBRC. Imago serves as a portal for research in its own right and as a data server for third-party interfaces.

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Member Collections

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The Center's partners include the IU Digital Library Project, the IU University Information Technology Services (UITS), the Indiana Geological Survey, the Glenn Black Laboratory of Archaeology, the Mathers Museum of World Cultures, the IU Data to Insight Center, the IU Advanced Visualization Laboratory, Data to Insight Center of the IU Pervasive Technology Institute, and the IU School of Education.


Executive Committee


Paleontology Collection Policy


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